Product Guide on SS 441 Sheets

Stainless steel type 441 is an alloy of chromium and stabilized ferritic. The grade shows similarities with the 304-grade of stainless steel. SS 441 sheets are widely useful for high-temperature applications and useful in annealing and cold forming applications. These SS 441 sheet follows domestic and international standards. SS 441 sheets consist of carbon, chromium, manganese, Niobium, Iron, Titanium, Sulphur, Silicon, Phosphorous, etc. SS 441 sheets are designed by considering the need for exhaust systems containing good corrosion resistance and high-temperature capacity. The material is available with a single or double stabilizing agent. 

Properties of SS 441 sheets 

The type of stainless steel has good weldability due to the presence of stabilized niobium and titanium. Further, the material has outstanding corrosion resistance—the material works as the best quality raw material for producing various useful products. Also, SS 441 sheets are suitable for more extended service and durable. The product is available in different shapes and sizes. 

SS 441 sheets are moderately formable with improved creep resistance. Higher oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of these sheets increase its popularity. High tensile strength, toughness, and longer workability make SS 441 sheets applicable in various industries. SS 441 sheets checked for multiple tests and inspections, including flattening test, flaring test, radiography test, ultrasonic test, and third-party analysis. All these tests help in enhancing product quality. The SS 441 sheets provide high-temperature strength and capacity to work in the exhaust gas environment. Additionally, the material has deep drawing abilities and brightness. 

Titanium in SS 441 helps them have good stabilization and excellent resistance against stress corrosion cracking. SS 441 sheets can easily undergo the process of welding by common fusion and resistance welding processes. SS 441 sheets are available in different sizes, thicknesses, and superior finishes. It shows good pitting corrosion resistance and welding ability. 

Applications of SS 441 sheets 

SS 441 sheets are useful in various conditions, including annealing, cold-forming, and welding. The grade is specially developed for end-use and to enhance the capacity of the existing quality. SS 441 sheets are suitable for indoor cladding, restaurant appliances, tubes, heat exchangers, etc. 

Product Guide on SS 441 Sheets

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