What is the difference between 409 and 409L stainless steel?

Stainless steel 409: grade, properties, and applications  

Stainless steel 409 is an alloy of titanium and stabilized ferritic. It is titanium stabilized low nickel-containing material offers an economical metal option to work in oxidizing condition. The material shows a combined capacity to work at elevated temperatures with moderate strength and good formability. Instead of 409 stainless steel, highly stabilized versions are also useful and are proven. The substituents of SS 409 include S40910, S40920, and S40930. All these three grades are stabilized using titanium, niobium, or a combination of both. 

Properties of 409 stainless steel 

409 Stainless Steel is suitable where appearance is a secondary concern, and mechanical properties and corrosion resistance along with good weldability comes first. The material works well in automobile exhaust systems and several other industrial applications. Stainless steel 409 has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. 409 stainless steel is magnetic and does not require heat treatment for hardening. Instead, material hardening requires cold-working. Stainless steel 409 has outstanding ductility and useful in deep draw applications. 

Applications of 409 stainless steel 

409 stainless steel is useful in automobile mufflers, catalytic converters, and tailpipes. Besides, the material is helpful in farm equipment, work as structural support, and hangers. Diamond tread plate and shipping containers are of stainless steel 409 grade. 

Stainless steel 409L: grade, properties, and applications  

409L stainless steel is a titanium stabilized Ferritic alloy that shows high resistance against high temperatures. The material is suitable for achievable engine and exhaust systems. Also, it is known to reduce the thickness of the exhaust system. Stainless steel 409L is available at a low cost but offers good flexibility. SS 409L Sheets provides good corrosion resistance against gas corrosion.

Properties of 409L stainless steel 

The grade is commonly known for its outstanding mechanical properties and high temperature working abilities. Various properties of 409L stainless steel include high yielding strength, easy replacement, and forms of eco-friendly products. 

Applications of 409L stainless steel 

The presence of chromium makes this material suitable for operations requiring good weldability and corrosion protection. Stainless steel 409 is susceptible to rusting and useful in decorative elements. Stainless steel 409L is helpful in the automobile industry, truck exhaust systems, and agricultural tools. The material suits well in heat and gas turbine exhaust silencers.

What is the difference between 409 and 409L stainless steel?

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