Stellite 6 12 21 Filler Wire / Welding Electrode

Stellite 6 12 21 Filler Wire / Welding Electrode

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Stellite is a Cobalt-based alloy known for its proven wear properties when heat, corrosion, and abrasion cause wear problems. A range of Cobalt-based hard-facing alloys is available in several grades with high and low carbon content alloyed mostly Chromium and Tungsten in different variations. Stellite Welding Electrodes are used for welding cobalt-based alloys such as Stellite. They offer excellent wear and corrosion resistance and are often used in high-wear applications such as valve seats and pump components. Stellite 6 TIG Rod, with a hardness of approximately 40 HRc. can be used for a wide range of wear problems and is, due to this safe hardness level, the most common type, and Stellite 12 is in the 45-50 HRc range.

Stellite 6 Welding Electrode has an excellent combination of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high strength, making them adaptable to harsh environments. Stellite 21 Welding Electrode and Wires are known for high strength, sturdy design, lightweight, easy to install, longer service lives, and high performance.

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Sparsh Impex is a distinguished manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and distributor of Stellite 6/12/21 Filler Wire & Welding Electrodes manufactured with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology in compliance with internationally recognized quality requirements. This Stellite 6/12/21 Filler wire is available in a variety of finishes such as Bright Finish, Matte Finish, Semi Bright/Matte Finish, and others, as well as in many sizes, lengths, and diameters and also in customized specifications as per the requirements of our esteemed clients at the most affordable prices.

How to use stellite welding electrodes?

Stellite welding electrodes are a common option for applications needing strength and hardness since they are made to be dependable and long-lasting. When using stellite welding electrodes, care must be taken to thoroughly clean the electrode as well as the materials it will be working with. In order to prevent contamination of the weld, basic flux cores are frequently employed with stellite welding electrodes. Following these instructions will result in a successful satellite weld that offers the strength and dependability required. Depending on your application needs, you can also order specially made stellite electrodes, giving you the ability to weld a wide range of materials at the highest possible performance.

What is the stellite 6 welding procedure?

The stellite 6 welding procedure, also known as chrome stellite or stellite alloy welding, is a specialized process used to weld stellite alloys and other hard facing body parts. The stellite 6 offers increased wear resistance and higher temperature performance while maintaining the same tensile strength of stellite alloys. It utilizes tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding techniques with electrodes made of chrome stellite material. This technique allows for highly precise welds particularly well-suited for challenging positions, such as those on engine components. By the end of the process, it produces a strong, reliable weld that can withstand high levels of stress and temperature; making stellte 6 welding procedure a popular choice among many industries.

Stellite 6/12/21 Filler Wire & Welding Electrodes Specification

Diameter Range : 0.8mm,0.9mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6
Length : Max 12000 mm
Standard : AWS A5.1

Stellite 6 Welding Rod Composition

Stellite 6 Co Cr W C Ni Mo Fe Si Others UNS ASME/ AWS Hardness (HRC)
   Bal.  30 4-5 1.2 <3.0 <1.0 <3.0 <2.0 <0.5 R30006 (SF)A 5.21

Stellite 12 Welding Procedure

The welding procedure for Stellite 12 commonly includes the following steps:

  • Surface preparation : The surfaces that will be welded need to be clean and free of any impurities. Grinding, wire brushing, or abrasive blasting can all be used to accomplish this.
  • Preheat : For the best chance of preventing thermal stress and cracking, preheat the workpiece to the required temperature. The preheat temperature is affected by both the welding method and the thickness of the material.
  • Welding : Utilize the filler substance advised for Stellite 12 and the suitable welding procedure (TIG, MIG, or gas welding). Make sure that the base metal and the filler material are compatible and share Stellite 12's chemical constituents.
  • Post-weld heat treatment : To relieve stress and improve the weld's mechanical qualities, heat the welded area to a temperature set by the manufacturer.
  • Final inspection : Verify the weld for flaws, such as fractures, porosity, or a lack of fusion.

Types of Stellite 6/12/21 Filler Wire & Welding Electrodes

Filler Wire
Stellite Filler wire

Stellite Filler Wire

Stellite 1 Filler Wire

Stellite 6 Filler Wire

Stellite 12 Filler Wire

Silver Stellite Export Quality Filler Wires

AWS A5.1 Stellite Filler Wires

Welding Wire
Stellite Welding wire

Stellite Welding Wire

Stellite 1 Welding Wire

Stellite 6 Welding Wire

Stellite 12 Welding Rod

Silver Stellite Export Quality Welding Wires

AWS A5.1 Stellite Welding Wires

TIG Filler Wire
Stellite TIG Filler Wire

Stellite TIG Filler Wire

Stellite 1 TIG Filler Wire

Stellite 6 TIG Filler Wire

Stellite 12 TIG Filler Wire

Silver Stellite Export Quality TIG Filler Wires

AWS A5.1 Stellite TIG Filler Wires

MIG Filler Wire
Stellite MIG Filler wire

Stellite MIG Welding Wire

Stellite 1 MIG Filler Wire

Stellite 6 MIG Filler Wire

Stellite 12 MIG Filler Wire

Silver Stellite Export Quality MIG Filler Wires

AWS A5.1 Stellite MIG Filler Wires

Filler Wire
Filler Wire
Filler Wire
Filler Wire

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Stellite 6/12/21 Filler Wire & Welding Electrodes Application

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